Not Getting Along Well With Your Partner? How Relationship Counseling Can Help

If you and your partner are not getting along, this can be difficult for both of you to deal with. Instead of trying to figure out things on your own, you should consider trying relationship therapy. Below is more information about this so you can have a much better relationship again.

When You Should Try Relationship Counseling

There are many signs that you and your partner need relationship counseling. If you are having problems talking to each other freely about your feelings, this would be a good idea. Also, if you have a disagreement about something that neither of you can solve, counseling can help. 

If you or your partner have had an affair or there is abuse in the relationship, then relationship counseling can benefit you. Also, if you or your partner are addicted to something that affects your marriage, such as drugs, alcohol, or pornography, a relationship counselor can also help you with this. You or your partner may be addicted to gambling or having money issues. Both of you may have gone through something very stressful lately, such as problems with finances, a death in the family, and more, and relationship counseling would be a good option. 

How Relationship Counseling Works

When you and your partner first arrive, the relationship counselor will sit down and talk with you to learn as much as they can about each of you individually and as a couple. The counselor will ask both of you about your childhoods, how you two met, and more. All of this will make up your first session. It is important that they understand you both in order to help start your counseling. 

At your next session, the counselor will focus on why you both want relationship counseling. This could be due to arguing constantly, ignoring each other, and having intimacy problems. Once the counselor learns the exact problems you are having, they can develop the treatment plan for you.

Along with couples counseling, the counselor will also do individual counseling. This will give you the privacy you need to open up about things you may not want to say in front of your partner. The counselor will compare the two of you together to help determine if you both think you are having the same problem. You may be surprised to learn things about your partner, such as you may not realize they do not trust you. 

Along with counseling, the relationship counselor will also ask you to do some things at home.  The counselor may tell you both to go on a date with each other, to keep a diary of how you are feeling, and writing down arguments that come up.  

You do need to have patience, as relationship counseling will take time.

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